of innovations fail due to a lack of internal buy-in.

Source: PwC 20th CEO Survey

Solve your health care problem leveraging the 5 Secrets of Innovation in our Bootcamps.

Upcoming IN90 Bootcamps:


December 3 – 4, 2018


AHA Executive Forum

What You’ll Do


The first day will be spent analyzing your problem from multiple perspectives. The second day you will generate hundreds of ideas and build comprehensive prototype solutions. Finally, you'll create a 90-day plan to get feedback and buy-in on your idea.


Day 1: Learn How To Reframe Your Problem

Get hands-on with the IN-90 creators to reframe your problem as a Design Thinking Challenge. You’ll map the problem, your early adopters, current experience, and competition.


Day 2: Learn How To Build Rapid Prototypes

Use Agile Development to build a series of prototypes for end-user feedback. You’ll build prototype 1.0 and map out testable assumptions to guarantee project success.


Day 3: Learn How To Craft A Compelling Story

Create a story to address the direct and latent needs of Users, Blockers, and Decision Makers. Personalize your story to inject emotion with a clear value proposition for all concerned.

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On-Site Bootcamps


If travel is a challenge, we will come to you!

Great ROI

Being on-site allows us to work with multiple innovation teams in your health care organization. Imagine solving 4-5 pressing problems simultaneously. That's the return on investment you'll get when we travel to you.

Consistent, Predictable Workflow

Each team will kickoff their innovation projects on the 1st or the 15th of the month and work in two-week sprints to create a tangible product for Executive Reviews. This consistent cadence helps both planning and execution.

Scalable, Repeatable Process

There's no better way to build an innovation culture than to use an intuitive framework designed to be scalable and repeatable across departments in your health care organization. Clear process produces great efficiency.

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