To Sell Your BIG Health Care Idea

You need two ingredients to succeed:


And Process.

Every immersive event (like Bootcamps) should be followed by a coaching process to provide support and accountability.

To Sell Your BIG Healthcare Idea

You need two ingredients to succeed:


And Process.

Every immersive event (like Bootcamps) should be followed by a coaching process to provide support and accountability.

Why Events?

  • Events serve as a catalyst to action
  • Events challenge thinking
  • Events build small team passion
  • Events begin idea prototyping

Why Process?

  • Process systematically reduces risk
  • Process builds organizational alignment
  • Process helps to overcome objections
  • Process builds an innovation culture

The Event

You need to gather people to validate your health care idea and strip your concept, product and market risk so you can get all stakeholders to buy-in.

All the academic research and real-world experience shows it takes three radically different questions to be answered before you’ve stripped out enough risk to rollout your innovation:

  1. What do health care organizations need or want?
  2. What can we build or create?
  3. What can we profitably deliver?

We’ll leverage our experience at HCA, Cox Health, St. Luke's, St. Barnabus and UnityPoint.


The Process

You need an innovation coach with health care experience to help you understand what's needed by all stakeholders, show you how to build rapid prototypes, and guide you to build an implementation plan.

The IN90 Framework


The “Secret Sauce”


The razor thin difference between success and failure is your health care organization's mindset. Do you lead or follow? Are you willing to learn? Do you want to innovate faster? If so, we can coach you step-by-step to transform your health care idea into a successful reality in 90 days.

Build what people need, 
not what you want to build.

Build what people need, not what you want to build.


Listen for insight, not validation, to reduce risk.


Create experiences, visuals and stories to engage imaginations.


Create a clear vision out of messy problems to inspire ideas.


Because when everyone thinks alike, no one thinks very much.


Focus on solving the biggest problems, not every problem.


Because prototyping is how you have conversations with your ideas.


In a world that settles for less, fight for greatness.

What In90 Participants Are Saying:


Design Thinking

“Got people to think about the problem in a methodical way.”

“Created immediacy with the people we were trying to serve.”

“Got everyone involved which was so important to get everyone on board.”

“Do, do , do is a different mentality than we are used to.”

Agile Development

“Are inspiring and transformational.”

“Helped us hit our milestones with ease.”

“Cut out meetings, emails, status reports. It was amazing.”

“I thought is would be a hassle, but we saved soooo much time.”

Iterative Prototyping

“I liked how the prototypes all built on each other to focus on what’s important.”

“Our Executive Sponsor loved how we could strip out risk. It’s so gratifying.”

“Breaking things down kept us focused on what's important.”

“You don’t need a lot of details to start; just build something.”


“We usually go slide by slide and never thought about our audience.”

“We felt uncomfortable until we didn’t. I tell stories all the time now.”

“Sometimes you have so much data that you get lost. Stories are the answer.”

“Our Executive Champion loved our story. She kept telling it over and over.”

Overcoming Objections

“We knew what questions would be asked and we already had the answers!”

“I never thought about ”reframing the question” but it works.”

“It’s so great to have your Executive Champion stand up to naysayers!”

“Normally, I dread facing execs, but this was fun to go through the process.”