Kurt: I'm Kurt Baumberger. In my 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial life, I've seen a lot of bad ideas get funding and a lot of great ideas get kicked to the curb. It's time to stop the madness! I'm joined by nine-time Emmy Award winner, Bob Rathbun, who will help us craft your story and get backing for your big idea because, after all, every innovation starts as a story. 

Bob: Kurt, it does. And it is so important to be able to express your great idea and deliver that message, not only to your friends and family, but co-workers and when you get to the funding stage and you have to trot your idea out to get some dollars behind it. That's the kind of story we want to help you craft. 

Kurt: Absolutely, because that's where the rubber meets the road. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but turning them into reality is a real trick. So we're going to bring all of our "lessons learned" to you and show you how to adopt an innovation mindset, how to get executive backing, and how to get buy-in with your organization. Because unless you have that support behind your idea, you're never going to get it off the ground. But then we're going to shift into something that's really fun and everybody is talking about right now - that's Design Thinking. We'll talk about what it is, how to do it, how to go out and interview people, how to find insights from what they're telling you, build prototypes and get feedback. 

Bob: And we're also going to help you craft your story to make it compelling. We're going to pitch your idea to get funding and traction and we're going to overcome the Devil's Advocate. 

Kurt: And you know who that Devil's Advocate is - it's the person sitting quietly in the meeting not saying anything, waiting just for the right time to say, "Hey thanks for everything you're doing. Thanks for pushing the envelope. We really appreciate you stretching our thinking and bringing the organization new ideas, BUT..." And we're going to tell you how to handle those "buts" so you can overcome those Devil's Advocate questions simply and easily. Best of all, we'll give you all the tips and tricks for free on our website. 

Bob: That's right. All the exercises, the cheat sheets, and presentations are available for download at Look for them in the IN90 Academy section of the website. 

Kurt: So we hope you'll listen and learn how to avoid all the mistakes that I've made. 

Bob: And I'll make you look good and sound good doing it too!

Kurt: Let's get started.